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Whether you’re in wine country or not, a great bottle of wine can take you places!

Calistoga, CA.

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Isn’t this the perfect setting for an outdoor wine tasting party?

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The 8,000 Year History of Wine Transport and Storage

The fascinating history of wine bottles and wine storage throughout the years. 

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3 Ingredient Chocolate Marshmallow Fluff Dip. Pairs well with white wines, fruits, pound cake or sponge cake, and even simple water crackers.

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Mini Veggie Dip Cups are a handy way to distribute messy veggies dip at a wine tasting or party.

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Quick And Easy Italian Ciabatta. You can almost smell it! Because wine + bread = love.

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#Etsy find of the day! Bottle Belts - now isn’t that the way to get around?!

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Chocolate boards. Yes please! Perfect for any wine tasting party or solitary moments with your favorite wine.

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The nose of this wine displays a fresh red fruit medley – dominated by blackberry, cassis buds and blueberry flavors. The nose also has some beautiful, light, meaty and toasty notes in the finish. 

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